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Cybercriminals and hackers for the last couple of years, have managed to infect businesses from more than one hundred and fifty countries with malicious software. Ransomware is spreading through faults in the Windows OS, Android phones and Desktop PCs through malicious email and USB sticks.

Microsoft, issues emergency patches for Windows and encourages individuals and businesses to update their systems in an attempt to stop the ransomware from spreading. However, updating works only if you have not already been affected. Systems that do not install new patches continue being vulnerable and keep getting infected.

What you should do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of ransomware

We’ve created a short list of what should you do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of ransomware.

  • Be vigilant: There are many ways you get infected with malware such as WannaCry. Do not click on links that you do not recognize and do not open attachments if you are not expecting them. Avoid using P2P services.
  • Create regular backups: The only way you can have your files back without paying a hefty ransom is by creating regular backups of your data. If you end up being infected, you will wipe your system, and you will restore your old content back.
  • Don’t stay logged as an admin: Don’t browse when logged as an admin and do not give your employees more rights than they need. Don’t rely on common sense, sometimes employees get carried away, and their internet browsing may end up costing you a lot.
  • Install antivirus software: Even if you have the latest version of your OS, your connected device is never fully protected unless you have an antivirus software that is keeping it safe. You may find the graph below helpful when you are choosing the right solution for your needs.

Tristar Computer Services LTD. supports Europol efforts to reduce the implications of randsomware in Cyprus and the EU. We offer a wide range of products for individuals and businesses. Contact us, to help you discuss regular backups, Internet security and Antivirus solutions.

Tristar is a proud member of Panda Security for Cyprus!

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